Frederique Ennis

We just finished our kitchen remodel and I have to say that I am ecstatic about the results and the experience as a whole. This was our 2nd significant remodel project in our home in Bradfordwoods and I was a little nervous based on my first experience.
We met Brian and things quickly started falling into place. I could sense he was somebody I could trust to manage the project efficiently while giving me the best product possible.

If I had to pick the one thing that impressed me the most about Brian, it would be his attention to details and his concern for the comfort of my family during the remodeling project. I have three small children and living without a kitchen for an extended amount of time was certainly a concern to me. Brian went the extra mile to keep us comfortable and minimize the 'out of commission' phase of the remodel. I came home one day and I had ply-wood counter tops and my old sink temporarily back in so I could function in my kitchen while waiting for everything to come in. I didn't have to ask him. He just did it!

The best compliment I can give Brian today is that he gave me my dream kitchen within a fairly reasonable budget. He was very respectful of my 'vision' and understood where I wanted to go from the start. Knowing that was extremely helpful because I knew that I had an experience partner on the project who could give me some advice and help me make decisions when necessary. I don't think my kitchen could have come out any better!

Thank you to Brian, Chuck, Andy, Jesse, Keith, Paul and other members of the team who were involved at some point or another on the project.
I would highly recommend this team to anyone who has a home remodel/construction in mind. They are just incredibly talented and efficient! The best!   

For further details, please feel free to call at 724-777-2723.