Gretchen Medich



As I sit and enjoy my living room, I realized how delinquent I am in sending you this.

I cannot give enough compliments for the work you did on our renovation.  Taking a 100 year old house on takes a great deal of skill and expertise to produce the quality that the house deserved.
From the planning to deconstruction and every day until completion it was a team effort.
I truly appreciated that you stopped by everyday to review what was being done and the plan for the next.
Every one who came into our house was respectful, and true professionals at what they did.  They cleaned up at the end of every day.
Every detail was carefully planned, the electric, plastering, and most especially the beautiful wood work.  Troy is a true craftsman of a bygone era, which is a rare find these days.
The room looks as if it always belonged to this Victorian home.
Dr. Gretchen Medich